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$225 For a nVidia GTX 750 Ti? Hungarian Retailer Thinks So!

Being a mid-ranged card based on the new Maxwell architecture, nVidia’s GeForce GTX 750 Ti is one of the most anticipated GPUs of this year.

There is still a month to go until the card is officially launched, but it’s already being listed on some sites, which give us a few details about it.

A Hungarian website titled ‘Tech-2’ has listed the card under the model number ‘GTX750TI-OC-2GD5’ for a price-tag of 50,000 HUF.

If we convert the price according to latest exchange rates, it roughly makes around $225 or €166. The previous rumors of price suggest that the card will have a price of about $125 – $170 or €125 – €170.

If we consider $225 to be an accurate price point, it seems accurate considering the fact that the card is factory over-clocked; suggested by OC in the model name.

Personally, I think that the card is a little over-priced as it performs a little below GTX 660 (having a price below $200 or €200) and GTX 760 (having a price below $225 or €225).

Now let us get to 2 GD5 which indicates that the card is going to have a memory speed of 2 GB spread across the 256-bit memory interface. As for the frequency, nothing can be said with utmost certainty, but it should be between 6 GHz to 7 GHz.

And lastly, since the listed card is a custom ASUS GPU, we can assume that nVidia will allow custom cooling from the beginning of launch.

The card has been removed from the listing of ‘Tech-2’ at the time of writing this and gives 404-error. However, you can view the picture above and get an idea about it.

All we can hope is that the price point was inaccurate or the 750 Ti performs according to its price. AMD’s new mid-ranged R7 GPUs will certainly blow 750 Ti out of water in terms of price/performance.

What are your thoughts?