The Golf Club Announced For PS4, Xbox One And PC From EA Sports Veterans

Strangely enough, the first golf game to come out on new consoles isn’t from EA, as developer HB Studios announced its preparation of The Golf Club first.

It’s a play on words, you see; it’s both a club as in a group of people as it is also the utensil used to play the sport.

Anyway, the game is headed to both Xbox One and Playstation 4, as well as getting a shiny PC release. It’s being built by using the Unity engine.

Even though this isn’t EA’s series, it looks like the genuine article on all fronts. Visuals are sharp and verdant expanses have that authentic natural feel that gives golf games a Zen atmosphere.

One of The Golf Club’s defining factors is that it will procedurally generate courses. You’ll be able to enjoy a nearly limitless amount of new events every time. A rundown of this element is shown in a gameplay video.

It’s said that the random creation will allow the game to drop almost all loading necessary in the game. You won’t have to stand around, listening to the commentary track between holes.

Moreover, the creation system will also be available in an editor, where players can mess around and customize their own courses. Customization is extended to tournaments as well, giving the community a wealth of options to share with each other.

Despite being an independently developed game, HB Studios does know to get its inspiration from its work on past EA titles. Its accolades include Madden NFL 13 and FIFA 12. There’s also a bevy of earlier annual releases in all facets of EA Sports titles, including Tiger Woods PGA Tour 10.

The Golf Club is planned for spring of 2014.