Cut the Rope: Triple Treat On 3DS Bundles Trilogy

Publisher Activision announced that it’s preparing to launch one of its games again with Cut the Rope: Triple Treat. This trilogy will be redone exclusively for Nintendo 3DS.

Triple Treat will feature the original Cut the Rope game from mobile devices, together with its sequels Cut the Rope: Experiments and Cut the Rope: Time Travel. These games have gone on to win Apple Design Awards and BAFTA Awards.

Only now, since this is the Nintendo 3DS, the casual title will be remade to possess 3D qualities for all three titles. Through the use of the handheld’s stereoscopic slider, players can witness their puzzles in an additional dimension.

There will be over 650 levels to go through. In total, this should give you around 50 hours of gameplay.

In Cut the Rope, you take on a set of puzzles, where strings need to be cut or released from their anchors to drop candy down. Eventually, this will introduce a ton of new elements, like magic and teleportation portals.

Last year, Acitivision released Cut the Rope in its original form on the Nintendo 3DS eShop already. This is the first time the other two titles will be featured.

Only one iteration of the game is missing. Cut the Rope: Holiday Gift was a special Christmas release with 25 new levels that was released in 2010.

Cut the Rope: Triple Treat will release in early 2014. A short Nintendo 3DS trailer is provided with the announcement.