Check Out Lightning Returns Final Fantasy 13 Battle System

Although the Japan is already having a blast with Lightning Returns Final Fantasy 13 since November last year, the west is yet to see the game’s release in mid February.

There are a lot of eyes waiting to see more of the game so here’s a new trailer for you.

Evolution of Battle is the new trailer and just as the name suggests, it shows you around the action oriented battling system that Square Enix has built.

So here goes, the two minute 20 second long trailer starts off pretty fast with Lighting taking on bosses that are at least five times her size. Moving on, the menu shows the weapon selection tabs which are impressively expansive.

A mix of physical and magical attacks is what is going to guide you through the battles of course, but the trailer might just help you focus where you need to focus.

Oh and if you pre-order the game right away, you will b able to unlock cloud strife’s soldier 1st class uniform, soldier’s band and the buster sword.

Lightning Returns Final Fantasy 13 is outbound to North America on February 11 while Europe will get the game a couple of days later on Valentine’s Day.