Zombie Driver HD Getting Pulled From Japan’s XBLA And PSN Due To Publisher Bankruptcy

According to Joystiq, there would be more trouble brewing for games being delisted, with Zombie Driver HD developer Exor Studios seeing their game taken offline.

Due to the demise of their publishing company Cyberfront Corporation, the arcade title would be scrapped from the Japanese version of Xbox Live and Playstation Network.

For Playstation 3, this is just a temporary, though probably annoying, setback. There would already be a deal with Sony being worked out to have the game reappear at a later date.

Since Microsoft operates a little different, there are still things to work out. Pawel Lekki of Exor Studios mentions:

We are currently working on getting the game re-published on XBLA however we can not confirm at this time when or if this will happen. EXOR Studios owns the IP, but we can not publish the game ourselves due to Microsoft’s policies

On Xbox Live Arcade, Microsoft requires indie studios to go through publishers in order to market their game. This was also meant to be prolonged on Xbox One, but it has been revised after the initial wave of heavy criticism the restrictive platform received.

A similar event happened to indie fighter Skullgirls, when their deal with Konami went kaput. They responded to this news by building a newer and better version of the game, which even includes a Typing of the Dead homage.

Zombie Driver HD mixes an open world driving game with the gritty darkness of a zombie apocalypse, which bears a faint resemblance to classics like Carmaggedon. It has numerous different vehicles with tons of weapons to cause a heap of destruction to the swarms of zombies.

Moreover, the game boasts many different game modes, which vary from racing with others to taking down huge bosses. It’s quite clever.

Luckily, for most other platforms, Zombie Driver HD’s state will remain unaffected.