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Xbox One: “Do You Own This Game” DRM Message Clarified

Following the release of the Xbox One, there were some reports by users about the console asking players if they own the rights to a disc-based game. Suffice to say, the context of a player being asked to either insert the disc or connect to Xbox Live in order to play wasn’t appreciated by consumers in this anti-DRM age.

The issue wasn’t really a reoccurring one and I don’t recall Microsoft addressing it at any point. TotalXbox has today clarified as to why the Xbox One asks players for the game’s ownership rights and that it has nothing to do with Microsoft standing for DRM.

The guilty party here, in a manner of speaking, is the console’s suspend mode which allows players to pause gameplay and start using other features or apps. Simply hitting the menu button will return you to your home screen, and later you can resume your gameplay without any hitches.

The Xbox One though keeps the frozen gameplay session in check even when the disc has been removed.

When players insert another title without first closing the previous session, the Xbox One thinks you’re trying to play a game without proof of ownership. This was similar with the Xbox 360 as well where the disc needed to be present in the disk drive in order to play, even when the game is installed on the hard drive.

To escape this scenario, all players have to do is select the game’s icon on the home screen, press start and shut it down completely. Suspending it will only have the console bring up the ownership message.

In another case, playing a friend’s digital-only title will also have you encountering this message. If you do, then it’s because your friend’s console hasn’t been designated as a home Xbox.

Doing so allows anyone with a valid Xbox Live profile on that unit to access all games, with disregard to ownership.

To set up the Xbox as your home console, go to Settings, pick My games and apps and select My home Xbox. You can also just have your friend sign in to authorize use of a digital game. Bear in mind that only one home Xbox can be designated per user.