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Valve: Consumer-Priced VR Units to Come in 2015

Valve has on countless occasions mentioned that virtual reality is the next big thing in the industry, with themselves being very interested in the field.

The Occulus Rift currently is well known for its technology, with numerous reports on various other companies working on their own iterations, including Valve. The company though stated last year that it is going to take some time before an extremely advanced VR unit is thrown on the market with consumer-friendly prices.

The same aspect was told again last week during a Steam Dev Days talk by Valve Research and Development leader Michael Abrash, who also expects virtual reality to break through the industry in the coming years.

The technology “could transform the entire entertainment industry,” said Abrash, who then reminded everyone that “compelling consumer-priced VR hardware is coming, probably within two years.”

According to Abrash, “compelling consumer-priced VR hardware” can be built to the following specs in 2015: 110-degree field of vision, 95 Hz refresh rate, 1K x 1K resolution per eye, three millisecond pixel persistence and 20 millisecond latency.

Units built according to these specs are “doable with relatively minor tweaks of existing technology.” There is no need for breakthroughs or miracles, “just solid engineering” can make it happen.

Abrash then stated that Valve has already built prototypes of head-mounted displays with the same specifications and will “share what we’ve found with PC companies that want to develop VR hardware.”

Seems pretty interesting.

Source: US Today