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Steam Greenlight Approves Second Batch Of 50 Titles In January

Indie developers and other alternate platforms are still growing on Valve’s digital distribution, as 50 more titles have been approved through Steam Greenlight. This batch once more contains a set of older genres, new productions and even some software programs worth looking out for.

Here’s a full alphabetical list below, but read past the break for our thoughts of anticipated titles:

  • 1heart
  • 4PM
  • Aces Wild: Manic Brawling Action!
  • AR-K
  • Between Me and the Night
  • Block Story
  • Burning Cars
  • Catlateral Damage
  • Chronology
  • Claustrophobia: The Downward Struggle
  • Dawn of the Ronin
  • Deadbreed
  • Dethroned!
  • Dungeonforge
  • Dynamic Auto Painter x64
  • Edge of Eternity
  • Frozen State
  • GTGD S1
  • Heldric – The Legend of the Shoemaker
  • Helicopter Simulator
  • Hero Siege
  • Hunting ANubis
  • I Want to Be Human
  • Infectonator: Survivors
  • Influent
  • Insula
  • Inverto
  • LiteCam HD: 100 FPS Game Capture
  • Long Night
  • Love
  • MindTex
  • MorphVOX – Voice Changer
  • New Orbit
  • No Photos, Please!
  • Painters Guild
  • Path to the Sky
  • Prominence
  • Quest of Dungeons
  • Rain World
  • Reaper – Tale of a Pale Swordsman
  • RymdResa
  • Skara – The Blade Remains
  • Space Engine
  • Storm United
  • The Gallery: Six Elements
  • Time Rifters
  • Voice of Pripyat 3D
  • Wake Up Call
  • World End Economica Episode.01
  • Zoom Player

For fans of dungeon crawling and roguelike elements of playing in procedural environments, there is the endearing Claustrophobia: The Downward Struggle and Hero Siege. They work in turn-based and real time mechanisms respectively.

In case you want to trim the fat of random gameplay, then the 2D platform adventure Path to the Sky may entice you. As you climb, environments will grow harsher, leading to your unavoidable and permanent death.

If you like voxels and big open worlds, then you’ll want Block Story. It’s not a Minecraft clone, promise. It’s more of a roleplaying thing.

Simulation needs can be met with Painters Guild, where you manage an art house in a 2D pixel environment. It bears a resemblance to Game Dev Tycoon, but with paintings.

It looks like we’re delving mostly from one pixelated pool in this batch, but we’re positive that these are the cream of the crop. Perhaps, for more shooter action, you can look to Time Rifters, where you play your own cooperative partner. It also uses voxels though, but you shoot things now.

Have a fun fact to close this off: Steam Greenlight has currently approved a whopping 467 games. Out of those games, still 290 projects have to release at some point.