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Stealth Action Game ‘Styx: Master of Shadows Announced on PC

Developer Cyanide Studio is continuing its own brand of games with the announcement of Styx: Master of Shadows, coming to PC. It features an ancient goblin, climbing through a medieval world in a stealth action title.

Styx is the name of a character in Cyanide’s previous release, Of Orcs and Men. We weren’t even aware that one sold enough to warrant a spin-off, but they do enjoy building on their franchises, so why not.

In this new release, you’ll be tasked with finding riches and information on your origins in the Tower of Akenash. It’s a humongous, gloomy building with many different areas and even more tiers.

Gameplay will therefore have a lot of vertical reach. Climbing on ledges and overseeing areas from a high beam will be frequent occurrences.

Since Styx is but a small goblin, he’ll need to sneak behind cover and stay out of immediate sight to survive. Pouncing at an opportune time will be the way to take down unsuspecting opponents.

By gaining experience, you’ll be able to unlock new abilities in six talent trees. Added capabilities range from becoming invisible to setting up decoys.

For most of their titles, Cyanide Studio goes with publisher Focus Home Interactive, which is also the case for Master of Shadows. Previously, they worked together to put out their Blood Bowl and Game of Thrones releases.

Pitting influences from many different fantasy genres, the developer also previously released Confrontation and Aarklash: Legacy, featuring more role playing traits.

A first set of screenshots for Styx: Master of Shadows have been released that take a look at some of the stealth action.