Pokemon Bank Launches in Japan, Info on US Launch

Pokemon Bank rises from the dead and it is available in Japan in the Nintendo 3DS e-shop with its companion app Poke Transporter.

Nintendo of America has issued two Tweets, one of which confirms that Pokemon Bank has launched in Asian countries.

The second tweet asks to stay tuned to our channel for information regarding availability in other regions, including North America. Some of the users in Japan have confirmed that the app is available in Japanese e-Shop.

Pokemon Bank, the online cloud storage for Pokemon X and Y, and its companion app Poke Transporter, which allows transfer of Pokemon from Black/White Black 2/White 2 to X and Y, was one of the game’s most hyped upcoming features. However, this feature failed on its first launch in Japan, overloading the servers and forcing Nintendo to take it down until the servers were fixed.

This afterward led to the delay of the service in all other regions. Nintendo However, was pretty quick to fix the Nintendo Network servers but was still unable to give users a solid re-launch date for the apps in North America, which were originally scheduled for a December 27 release.

This is great news for Pokemon fans that have been waiting all this time to transfer their precious Pokemon from generation V to generation VI. The app will come with a yearly service fee, but will have a free 30 day trial period starting from the first day it becomes available.

We will keep you posted as more information becomes available.