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Phil Spencer Would Like Phantom Dust and Halo Wars on Xbox One

Phil Spencer, corporate vice-president of Microsoft Studios, has been busy lately, dropping in hints of Microsoft’s long-term plans involving the revival of many a titles.

It started with Spencer posting a new profile picture on his Twitter account of the classic Xbox title Phantom Dust, released back in 2004 and created by Yukio Futatsugi.

“Changing the profile pic again, Phantom Dust this time,” he Tweeted. “Love the nostalgia of the old franchises.”

The step caused a stir in the masses which caused Spencer to promptly add “that’s not how we’ll announce games.”

This isn’t the first time that Spencer has mentioned Phantom Dust. In an interview with Kotaku last year following the release of the Xbox One, he mentioned being a fan of Futatsugi’s work and that his team are in talks with what the Japanese developer would want to do next.

Hence, a reboot of the game is a big possibility. Especially when Spencer is showing so much interest in it.

“I do listen to the XB Community, hopefully 2014 will show some of that,” he later added.

In his recent nostalgic rampage on Twitter, Spencer also Tweeted about his enthusiasm for real-time strategy titles on consoles.

“I’m a fan of console RTS StarCraft64 (go @RealKLobb),” he wrote. “Halo Wars… Control works, [has] been proven. Smartglass could help as well.”

Additionally, he also expressed his hopes over Square Enix bringing Kingdom Hearts HD 1.5 Remix and 2.5 Remix to Xbox 360. A petition on has already been signed by Spencer who said “Obviously Square’s to decide but I agree bringing them to XBOX would be great.” On that note, the new Kingdom Hearts 3 is releasing on Xbox One in 2015.

Microsoft has a lot of titles planned for announcement this year at E3. There’s a high chance we see the company announce an exclusive partnership with a Japanese developer or developers for that matter.

Source: Twitter