The Last of Us: Opening Minutes of Left Behind DLC Released

Left Behind is the new upcoming expansion DLC pack for Naughty Dog’s critically acclaimed The Last of Us. The studio today shared the opening three minutes of the DLC to give players an idea on how Ellie’s life was prior to the game’s events.

Left Behind features Ellie and her best friend Riley, an older girl which was first introduced in The Last of Us: American Dreams comic series and is Ellie’s first major friendship.

Similar to the main game, the DLC will be all about the strong friendship between the two characters. According to the PlayStation Blog, that will not be the only highlight of the DLC as it also adds “intriguing new wrinkles” to how players currently think of the relationship between Ellie and Joel.

Left behind will also feature new combat mechanics, one of which is the ability to pit clickers and human enemies against each other in order to be victorious in a battle scenario.

Jacob Minkoff, the lead game designer, noted that he wanted to achieve a “narrative density” for the DLC similar to the main game. He also promised that those who already have gone through the main game will have a good idea on how this new pair’s story will unfold.

Left Behind will be officially released for the PlayStation 3 on February 14, 2014.