Kingdom Come: Deliverance Developer Needs £300K More

kingdom come deliverance
Warhorse has recently announced what is keeping them busy these days and now they want you to help them in their next project.

A Kickstarter campaign has been started for Kingdom Come: Deliverance and the developer is aiming to gather at least £300,000 from there.

Deliverance is an open world, first person, and single player role-playing game that revolves around the medieval times of Europe. The game studio developing the game is Czech based and founded by developers who have worked on games like ArmA, Mafia 2 and Flashpoint.

The studio will be using the CryEngne 3 to develop Kingdom Come: Deliverance for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PC, Mac, and Linux.

From what we know about the game so far it will form a non linear story with dialogues and cut scenes, there will be a kinematics based combat system and rest of the expected features of an open world RPG: huge cities, castles, forests, open field battles, character development, crafting and relationship building.

From looking at the Kickstarter page we have learnt that the developer will be aiming for a release around the end of 2015, and the game will feature at least 30 hours of gameplay for the Act 1 and a total of 70-hour gameplay for all three acts.

An early build of the game is expected as soon as six months henceforth, the build will be constantly updated and new mechanics added to it with time.

This is where you will get access to the alpha version of the game.

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