Dust 514: New Starter Pack Bundle Features Weapons, Boosters and More

CCP Games has released a new “Starter Pack” bundle for Dust 514 that features a selections of gear to help out new players.

It is available to download now from the PlayStation Store at $2.99 or £2.39, and includes items such as weapons, dropsuit, boosters and in-game cash.

According to the bundle’s description, the collection of guns and gear were designed with newcomers in mind. Three “devastating assault weapons” will help you out in delivering painful energy blasts to the enemy and sniping them from afar. The bundle is also “fully-equipped with a dropsuit, a cache of assault rifles, and a sub-machine gun sidearm for backup and close-quarters combat.”

The Starter Pack also includes a 3-day Active Skill Booster to speed up training and 1,250 Aurum to spend on additional gear in the DUST 514 Marketplace.

Prior to the release of this bundle, PlayStation Plus members in Europe were treated to the W.A.R. Kit ‘Hoplon’ pack completely free of charge. The pack normally costs £15.99 and was initially announced to be available for a free download until January 28. However, this was cut short and Sony has yet to respond as to why.