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Dead Rising 3 First DLC ‘Operation Broken Eagle’ Available Today

The first of four campaign DLC “Operation Broken Eagle” add-on of Dead Rising 3 has been released today. There was a short delay in its arrival, but it is finally available on Xbox Live.

All the game’s DLC packs will explore “The Untold Stories of Los Perdidos,” putting players in the zombie-matter encrusted boots of a different main character, while intertwining with the story of Nick Ramos.

However, there will be no Co-op in the DLC campaign; this news was confirmed by executive producer of the game Josh Bridge in his interview, who said that:

Our team at Capcom Vancouver wanted to focus on a single-player narrative. We chose to do that so we could really drill down on a single-player experience and really tell that character’s story.

The team understands that fans love co-op gameplay and, though the story available in the four “Untold Stories” is single player only. However, the weapons and vehicles added to the game with each DLC pack will be available for players to enjoy in co-op sessions.

When talking about the first DLC he said:

The first DLC content “Operation Broken Eagle” of “The Untold Stories” begins prior the events of Dead Rising 3. In ‘Operation Broken Eagle’ you will be playing this commander of a military group that goes into Los Perdidos earlier before the main story.

It gives a totally different take on the story and that was really fun for the team and we think gamers will really get a kick out of it; you’re going in with a big military point of view and deadly weapons, including this awesome chain gun that just rips apart the zombies.

The DLC also includes “new weapons, a custom vehicle, a new story flow and new missions.”