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DC Universe Online: War of the Light Part I Available Now for Susbcribers Only

Sony Online Entertainment has pushed out the latest DLC for DC Universe Online, The War of the Light Part I, which is now available for Legendary members only.

The War of the Light is a three-part series, where each episode/update will feature new operations, missions, powers, PvP characters and areas to explore.

Starting with Part I, the new content includes a new Rage power based around the anger-fueled Red Lanterns, two four-player operations in Metropolis, one eight-player operation on Green Lanter Mogo, the living Planet, two new PvP characters, Red Lantern leader Atrocitus and Blue Lantern leader Saint Walker, along with Lantern-inspired outfits.

As stated above, only legendary members have access to it right now, while free and Premium members will be able to get their hands on it next week on January 28 in North America and a day later in Europe.

The game’s membership is normally priced at $14.99 per month but Sony is now offering the Legends Plan, which offers a three months subscription for just $29.99.

Prior to the release of War of the Light Part I, Sony released new Armories earlier this month, which players can purchase to allow them to quickly and easily change character builds.