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40 Tron Bikes Race, Drift And Fight In Free Tr-Zero Indie Alpha Demo For PC

An Alpha demo download for PC indie project Tr-Zero should titillate your palette for some forgotten racing games. Part Tron, part Extreme-G on Nintendo 64, this arcade title with futuristic bikes features vehicular combat for your entertainment.

As this is an Alpha right now, gameplay is a bit unfinished and you only have one track for racing and one arena to fight, but the framework is definitely there already. Visuals automatically adjust to some extended degree, depending on your setup.

Additional lighting effects are applied plentifully yet subtly enough not to become a cacophony of color. It’s built on the Oddity engine 2, which should work for DirectX 11 GPU.

There are an impressive 40 bikes during a race, which makes it quite hectic at the starting line. To thin out the herd, you can make use of a set of weapons that blast your opposition. No crash animations are implemented yet though, but it stops the bike dead for a moment.

Races earn you experience that can be used to upgrade the vehicle in different categories.

If you’re the sort to install the game and start jetting, you won’t find any button configurations in the game itself that may leave you confused. Since these are put into the game directory, but not everyone goes to look there, we’ll post Tr-Zero control configuration for controller and keyboard below:

Xbox 360 Controller Controls:

  • A = Accel/Menu Select
  • X = Boost
  • B = Brake/Menu Back
  • Y = Change camera
  • Start = Start/Pause
  • Right Shoulder = Toggle colour presets
  • Left Shoulder = Fire utility (green pickups)
  • Right Trigger = Fire Primary
  • Left Trigger = Fire Secondary (Orange Pickups)

Keyboard Controls:

  • A = Accel
  • S = Boost
  • Z = Brake
  • C = Change Camera
  • ENTER = Start
  • P = Pause
  • X = Toggle Colour presets
  • F = Fire utility (green pickups)
  • V = Fire Secondary (Orange Pickups)
  • SPACEBAR = Fire Primary
  • Left/Right Arrows = Turn

Drift Mechanic:

  • Tr-zero uses a “Ridge Racer” style drift mechanism. To “drift” while in motion (eg: above 200 speed): Quickly Press Brake, then press and hold accelerate whilst turning.

There’s no release date for Tr-Zero on PC yet, but we’re looking forward to ramps, loops and more craziness.