Monster Monpiece Brings its Girls to Europe and North America in Spring

If you are a card games fan and dig the Japanese take on things (and female characters) you will be glad to know that Monster Monpiece is coming to the west. The game was originally released on PS Vita in Japan.

Now the game is really famed for sexual content, for instance, there is the “extreme rub” that requires you to rub a girl (actually both sides of your PS Vita) in order to remove the clothing from the character (and to level up your cards).

Sadly, if you were looking forward to the intense sexualized content of the Monster Girls that the Japanese version has, please get down from your high horses; the EU and NA version of the game is censored.

[Idea Factory] would like to inform fans and prospective users of Monster Monpiece that [they] have made the decision to cut several Monster Girl images from the North American and European versions of Monster Monpiece. This decision was made solely due to the intense sexual nature of Monster Girl card images. We’d like to emphasize that the gameplay, game system, and storyline are still fully intact.

Of course if it is still M rated by ESRB after the censorship, it means there still will be much for you to go on. Also, what would be the game if all these intimate elements were stripped from it, right?

Monster Monpiece comes out on PS Vita sometime in spring this year, how many of you feel like rubbing?

Source: IGN