Guild Wars 2: Origins of Madness Releases Today

The living world storyline for Guild Wars 2 finally concludes today with the release of its final tale, Origins of Madness.

Players will now have the chance to unravel the truth behind the doings of the living story’s antagonist, Scarlet Briar. However, before that players must face off against two major threats. Firstly, Scarlet’s mysterious probes have awoken an ancient three-headed jungle Wurm in Bloodtide Coast that looks hungry for flesh.

Secondly, she is rallying her forces to the mountains of Lornar’s Pass to guard a new superweapon called the Twisted Marionette, which can destroy pretty much anything she wishes.

Neither threat is going to extinguished easily and will be demanding the strength of a lot of players.

According to ArenaNet, players will discover “truly startling revelations” about Briar and her unsavory plans for the world of Tyria as the storyline concludes.

Origins of Madness is the first of four story-focused content releases that promise to wrap up the game’s Scarlet Briar story arc. The living world storyline has been a pretty exciting journey for Guild Wars 2 players.

With the tale finally ending, we’ll have to see if ArenaNet is planning on another living world storyline. Speculations though lead us to believe that the studio is working on an expansion, filled to the brim with new continents to explore, new tales to unravel and more.