Game Creation Tool Construct 2 Will Add Wii U Support Soon

Good news for Nintendo developers, developer Scirra Ltd. has announced that they will soon be launching Wii U support on Construct 2, an HTML5 game creation tool.

It is regarded by its official website as a ground-breaking game creator that is designed specifically for developing 2D games without requiring a code.

The tool has been in the works since last year but support for Wii U was announced only yesterday. On one hand, it is an easy to manage instrument but on the other hand, it doesn’t come free like Unity. You have to buy your license if you want to use the tool.

The announcement post reads:

Construct 2 takes advantage of the Nintendo Web Framework enabling both new and existing games to easily port to Wii U, taking advantage of Construct 2’s unrivalled high-performance and feature-rich HTML5 2D game engine.

Engineering work is currently being done to make sure everything is running smoothly, and an initial release of Construct 2 with Wii U support will be made available to authorized developers soon.

All you have to do is become a Nintendo Authorized Developer, get a Wii U Dev kit to test your game with the Wii U, get a Personal License (or a Business License depending on what are your plans) and go developing.

You can apply for becoming a Nintendo Authorized Developer by signing up here while the Scirra Store is offering the Licenses for purchase.