EverQuest Next: Landmark Alpha Scheduled to Kick Off This Month

It’s been confirmed via two tweets from Sony Online Entertainment that EverQuest Next: Landmark alpha is still slated for a January release.

Ever since the first livestream of the title, the fans are itching to get their hands on the game.

The first tweet from President of SOE, John Smedley, comes in response to a fan’s asking, whether the studio is planning on kicking off the alpha in late January?

This was followed by the Tweet from the director of development of EverQuest, David Georgeson who confirmed that in order to run the alpha, a 64-bit operating system is required.

Georgeson further said that one needs to have at least 4 GB and 8 GB recommended to play the alpha flawlessly.

However, since the game is still in Alpha testing phase, nothing should be considered as the final verdict. SOE is likely to work on the game and make it more optimized for PCs.

From what we can gather from his later Tweets indicate that one will need at least the following to run the alpha:

  • A 64-bit Operating System
  • 4 GB of Memory
  • nVidia GTX 275 or higher GPU
  • A working Broadband Connection

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