Deep Down: New Trailer Features Dungeons and Monsters

Capcom today released a minute-long Japanese trailer for their upcoming dungeon crawler Deep Down that features slight glimpses of armored knights, dark dungeons, and its monstrous inhabitants.

The video in all isn’t really something new and most of the scenes, we’ve seen before as well. At the end though you’ll see ‘Jackies’ in action. These creatures were revealed by PlayStation Japan earlier this month.

They lie around in dungeons mimicking treasure chests. Once unsuspecting players approach to open one, the creature will jump out to snatch him. If you’re lucky enough to run away, that luck will soon run out since Jackies can also extend its arms and legs to pursue and finish a target with its many fangs. Damage is unavoidable, even with tough armor.

Deep Down is a free-to-play title exclusively in development for the PlayStation 4. While we can’t really see Capcom with an exclusive title, the company seems pretty adamant to remain on their side of the bridge. Bad news for those wanting a PC port of Deep Down.

Deep Down spawns dungeons randomly every time a player visits. This drops in a significant amount of replay value since you never know where the monsters are lurking and which way is the quickest way out of the dungeon.

It’s scheduled to release sometime this year, probably in Fall.