Broken Age: Act-I Puzzles Guide – How to Solve

Broken Age Act-I is close at hand for people who have purchased it with Steam early-access. However, those people who have already bought this point-and-click adventure will know that it features a lot of vexing puzzles.

Before you read on, let me warn you, Spoilers Ahead!

Broken Age: Act-I Puzzles

Shay’s Tale

Fake Mission Loop
This is pretty easy to complete and all you need to do is to fail at train mission. Once you get back, head to the mountain and speak to it.

Reach Prima Doom
Initiate the warp sequence using the Cozy Quadrant. Next, try an match the pattern on NavScarf and the Space Chart by using the Crochet Hook.

Getting the Helmet
The helmet can be found from your spacesuit. Once you get it, walk through every teleporter without going back and you will be able to put on the helmet.

Increased Range in Space
You will require knife and whipped cream gun to do this. Once you have grabbed these things, use compressed air and cream gun on your suit and cut the air hose. Tada! Increased range.

Vella’s Tale

Get Knife
To get your mother’s knife, you’ll need to get a cupcake and go to Beastender. Once you get there, offer to share your cupcake and you’ll get the knife.

Leave Meriloft
The first thing you will need is cloudshoes and put them on the ladder you will get from the character on the right side. You will need to place them under Lightbeard’s Throne to leave Meriloft.

Gus’s Egg
Find the Bluebird’s real egg to find the third egg. Once you have obtained it, ascend to her nest and go all the way to the back. Go through the top hole, set Gus free, and get the egg.

Yorn’s Puzzle
To solve this puzzle, you will require to get a fruit from Meriloft. In order to get this fruit, simply head behind Jessie’s nest.

Take Out Mog Chothra
In order to defeat this boss, you will need to cut off three tentacles. After you have done that, you will see him grappling you.

Use the ladder on his mouth while he’s grabbing you and aim the laser for the final strike.

If you’re stuck at some other puzzles that you can’t seem to go through, comment below and we will get back to you!