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Borderlands 2 Probably Coming To PS Vita in March

We can expect an announcement soon from publisher 2K Games soon about Borderlands 2 finally hitting up Playstation Vita. Earlier, the company put out a message on Twitter that the game would release on the handheld on March 18, 2014.

Since then, the message was deleted, but a screenshot of it exists. In this post, you could read the following message:

#Borderlands2 is coming to #PSVita on March 18th! RT!

A link to the posted image, uploaded yesterday, is still present.

There definitely is a port coming though, as it was announced earlier that a handheld release would come at the hand of Iron Galaxy Studios. This developer is known for their creation of minimal fighter Divekick and has also worked on numerous other fighters.

Borderlands 2 is the sequel to developer Gearbox Software’s now most popular franchise. It’s a blend of the first-person shooter with the growth of a roleplaying game.

It has tons of loot, in the form of guns and such, which players can carry for a variety of different crazy effects. Consider it as Diablo with guns.

In recent years, it’s about the only title Gearbox hasn’t dropped the ball on. They’ve passed on disappointing legacies for Aliens: Colonial Marines and Duke Nukem Forever.

Prior to that, they were known for their work on Half-Life and the Brothers in Arms franchise. Luckily, not a lot can go wrong with the Borderlands 2 port on PS Vita, so they should be safe there too.