Apple Controllers Are Too Expensive, Are They Really Going to Tick?

It was great news when we heard that company endorsed Apple Controllers were to be manufactured. Not everything goes as well as planned, so there are bumps in their road too.

One of the problems being faced by them is the price of an Apple Controller which is extremely high.

To start off, manufacturers have chosen a price tag on the lines on $99 for each controller and then most of them suffer from quality control problems.

According to a report by 9to5Mac, the problem lies with Apple itself.

The company has put up strict guidelines for the manufacturers. One of the restrictions is buying the pressure-sensitive analog switches that are used in buttons and thumb sticks from the same supplier, Fujikura America.

The manufacturers are of the opinion that a pressure-sensitive switch is an area where prices could have been cut. Other than this, the licensing fees and other component costs complied together make it tough for them to cut down the prices to the lower side of $100.

Currently, the Apple Controllers need to have certain other features that are being dictated by Apple for instance: the d-pads must be one circular button, specific color, labeling and layout of the face buttons, thumbsticks and triggers, etc.

Lastly, the first crop of the Apple Controllers could have been a little rushed resulting in quality management issues. The API was introduced in June, and manufacturers had little time to get the controllers out before the holiday season.

Whatever the reasons may be; we expect the controllers to be of better value for money than they currently are, or no one would want to spend on them and very few would like to make them.