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The Walking Dead Teaches Ethics to School Students

We have seen games have an effect on children in so many different ways, but not once have we seen a game being used to teach students ethics.

Students of Nordahl Grieg high school Norway are playing The Walking dead with one sole purpose: learning ethics.

The students of the school actually get a class where they play through the game.

Isn’t that amazing? We do know that Telltale’s zombie based episodic survival game has been able to win over the hearts of many already, but being used for personality development is something bigger.

A Norwegian news website named reported on the class where The Walking Dead is played on a regular basis.

It has also been posted on YouTube where the class instructor Tobias Staaby discusses how The Walking Dead is just the right catalyst for discussions regarding ethical dilemmas.

walking dead class

Of course, every one of you who has played the game itself would know how the ethics based decision making comes to play a major part in the game. The game has been played in the class for two weeks, and it has left positive impressions.

During the class, anonymous polls are taken to see which decision has been the most popular, and the results are then discussed.

According to Staaby, this exercise has led to the students thinking over aspects that they would not have thought over otherwise.

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