Rain World May Also Come To Consoles

Rain World creators have Joar Jakobssor and James Primate confirmed to VG247 that the console edition of the game could be released if the Kickstarter campaign exceed its goal.

When asked about next-gen version of the game Joar Jakobsson said:

We would love to support more platforms, but we think we might need to migrate the game to another development environment to do that. If the Kickstarter overshoots a lot, we could do that right away, otherwise we’d have to wait.

When answering question about the main character of the game ‘slug cat’ they said:

The protagonist creature was the very first thing that was created, before environment, enemies, or anything else. The name ‘Slugcat’ actually comes from a YouTube comment. We liked it, so it stuck. It shouldn’t strictly be considered canon though, as none of the creatures in the game world speak they also don’t have names for each other.

They also talked about the game’s universe:

In the game there is a mini food chain of three creatures, with the Slugcat in the middle. This means you will be both hunting and hunted. As all other creatures in the world it’s unable to survive outside while it’s raining. It still has to eat though, which is also the agenda of the other creatures. Because of the very limited time these creatures have to hunt, eat, swarm, mate, move. They are all forced to appear on the same stage so to speak. Meaning that if you want to eat, you also have to risk being eaten.

If you want to support the game, you can do it at Kickstarter and Steam Green light.