Project Zomboid Promises Addition of Multiplayer

Developer The Indie Stone revealed today that multiplayer featuring Player vs Player and Player vs Environment modes will soon be coming to Project Zomboid.

Posting on the game’s blog, the developer said that they currently can’t confirm a release date but “hopefully its clear that it’s not far off.”

“Though ‘not far off’ doesn’t necessarily mean this week, or next week,” ITS clarified. “But then again that’s in the realm of remote possibility none-the-less. It all really depends on how well future tests go and what new issues crop up, but it’s certainly not months away – or ‘next year’ as per previous community estimates.”

The post further added that those with a copy of the game will be able to launch their own “dedicated console only Project Zomboid server.” by passing the appropriate parameters.

“Servers will be fully moddable using the same stuffs you mod PZ with now. Modders will be able to create their own networky messages to sync the server and client, and we’ll add checksums to check both server and client are running the same mods. In future we could look to auto-download stuff in cases the clients don’t have what is required.”

Project Zomboid is an open world survival horror video game that is currently in alpha stage development.