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Go To Westeros And Play Game of Thrones in Mount and Blade Mod

If you’re pumped about the new season of Game of Thrones coming up, you can use that excitement to play a mod for Mount & Blade: Warband called A Clash of Kings.

It recreates the universe from the franchise in this adventurous PC game.

This rather extensive modification from Cozur takes the books of A Song of Ice and Fire and plunges this into a medieval realm where players gallop about. During your adventures, you’ll get word of the events unfolding in the realm of Westeros, with both big and small things happening.

Recently, the mod received a 1.11 update that expands on the universe quite a bit. Aside from fixes and so on, a ton of content from the franchise can be found while playing.

For instance, there are 20 factions, such as The Stormlands. Mercenaries like the Ironborn Sellswords and Unsullied can be recruited to your armies and companions like Ser Jasper rivers and Martyn Snow can be found as well.

While your caravan goes over the map, you’ll encounter a ton of familiar cities, like King’s Landing, Winterfell and so on. Moreover, it’s possible to take to the seas and reach some offshore islands.

In the Mount & Blade series, players take the role of a simple adventurer that grows in ranks through questing and battle. It’s possible to amass an army and lay waste to wandering groups and even attack entire cities.

Allegiances can be pledged to certain lords, and it’s equally possible to incur their wrath. From just humble beginnings, you can eventually conquer the entire realm.

More than just that, the separate battlefields also have an ingenious battle system. Dexterity is applied to perform swings and blocks depending on what direction it comes from.

For just a tiny indie project, the Mount & Blade series has amassed a large fan following. Adding some Game of Thrones as a mod will probably help bolster those ranks.