Don’t Starve: Reign of Giants DLC Teased

According to a teaser video released by Klei Entertainment, a couple of days back, their survival game Don’t Starve is soon going to be getting a new DLC.

Titled Autumn Teaser, the video doesn’t offer much information on the upcoming Reign of Giants update, except that it will release “soon.” There wasn’t even a mention of the intended platforms. All the video shows is a quick close-up of a hand-drawn giant.

In Don’t Starve players play as Wilson, “an intrepid Gentleman Scientist,” who must use science and magic to survive the bizarre monster-filled island. From the looks of it the new DLC will be adding giants in some way and that might spice things up.

Players spawn in a randomly generated world with no resources or direction. Taking advantage of the daylight, players must scramble around and figure out how to feed and protect themselves from the oncoming night. The gameplay can be tedious at times and a bad spawn can mess things up.

Don’t Starve is currently available on the PC via Steam, and only recently it arrived on the PlayStation 4 as well. Those with a PlayStation Plus subscription can download it for free this month.