Dead Rising 3 Gets 13GB Update; No One Knows Why

Dead Rising 3 has received a massive 13GB patch, with no sight of any patch notes released by either Capcom or Microsoft so far.

The update is mandatory and players will have to put a halt to their zombie slaying, at least until their game is fully up to date. You can still opt not to update the game and play Dead Rising 3 by choosing not to connect your console to the Internet. However, this way you won’t be able to connect to Xbox Live while playing the game.

While players are updating their game with a frown, it has to be asked what this mighty 13GB patch is for? According to people speculating on Reddit, the official Dead Rising 3 forums and NeoGAF, the patch has something to do with Operation Broken Eagle, the game’s first expansion.

Furthermore, keep in mind that the game’s total install size does not increase by 13GB after the patch has been installed. This would suggest that most of it is just replacing older content, perhaps newer assets?

Capcom should release the patch notes this week. So far, though its official Dead Rising Twitter account is staying silent on the matter.