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Artist Posts Bioshock Movie Concept Art Showing Memorable Locations

The cancellation of the Bioshock Movie was received by a pinch of salt by most of us. We would have loved to see the film adaptation of the game that has been nominated as the best game of the year multiple times.

Now, either to make us feel worse, or just for fun; an artist who worked on the concept art of the Bioshock movie has posted some of the concept art that he made.

Concept Artist Jim Martin decided he had nothing else to do about the images he had created for the Bioshock movie when the project was still live, so he posted them to his portfolio website.

As expected, the images look hugely similar to the game’s universe and that makes me feel bad a little more.

Yet, that is not where it ends, there are some images that go on to depict some of the memorable scenes from the game – go ahead and have a look at them on his website.

Jim Martin has previously worked no movies like Matrix Reloaded, Pirates of the Caribbeanand Captain America.

If the Bioshock movie project had not been canceled it would have been developed by Juan Carlos Fresnadillo, who had replaced Gore Verbinski – the maker of the Pirates of the Caribbean trilogy.

How many of you wish that the project is taken up again?