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Amazon is Bent on Making Mobile Game Developers Happy

While rumors go about of Amazon working on an Android-based gaming device; the company meanwhile is heavily focused on trying to create tools to help game developers publish their titles on Amazon’s various app platforms.

This is backed by their recent unveiling of a redesign portal for app and game developers that Amazon showcased at this year’s International CES. Compared to last year, Amazon’s Android Appstore has nearly doubled in size, featuring more than 100,000 apps.

We have very strong games now,” said Aaron Rubenson, director of the Amazon Appstore for Android and Kindle Fire, to GamesBeat. We certainly are not done.

The newer portal allows Android developers to test out their apps within seconds prior submission to see if they are compatible with Amazon’s Appstore. The new portal also makes it easier to plan, build and submit the app.

On top of that, Amazon’s Appstore Developer Select program offers promotional and economic rewards to developers if they use Amazon’s development tools to their fullest.

For instance, if the developer makes sure their app renders properly in high-definition, then they qualify for program rewards. Those rewards include a $2,000 discount off of Amazon Web Services hosting fees.

“If they do things like that, we give them premium placements in our store, we guarantee them 500,000 or more impressions via Amazon’s mobile ad network or guarantee discovery for their apps,” said Rubenson.

On the topic of their work on an Android-based gaming device, Amazon is keeping quiet. Rumors of it though seem to be pretty strong.