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Evolve: Meet Val of the Medic Class

The next class to be revealed in the upcoming co-op survival shooter Evolve is the Medic class, featuring Val.

As the medic of the team, Val of course has superior skills in reviving and healing fellow team members. However, that doesn’t mean she can’t defend herself and is armed with sufficient offensive weapons that bring utility to the team.

Val is armed with an Anti-Material Rifle that can be used to highlight and expose enemy weak points. When going against powerful aliens, this nifty gadget will be most useful. Once the enemy’s weak points are exposed, other hunters firing at those spots will score extra damage.

Additionally she has a Tranquillizer Rifle that can be used to slow down enemies and also highlight their position to friendly players.

For the medical part, she can perform a healing burst that will partially but instantly heal team mates within the burst’s range.

Players opting to go with the Medic class will have to decide when it’s prudent to defend and when to go offensive. Using the Anti-Material Rifle on stronger foes is vital and players will have to keep a sharp eye out on friendly Hunters’ health while maintaining focus on the enemies as well.

Val is the fourth in a series of reveal. Prior to this, we came to know about Markov of the Assault class, Griffin of the Trapper class, and Hank of the Support class.

Which class has so far sparked your interest?

Source: GameInformer