Lords of the Fallen and Enemy Front to be Published by Namco Bandai

Whether it can go head to head with Elder Scrolls or other RPGs that cover the market or not, Lords of the Fallen is being published and distributed in the US by Namco Bandai. Same is the case with Enemy Front. the upcoming first person shooter being developed for Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3.

Enemy Front is being developed by CI Games (City Interactive) alone while Lords of the Fallen is being co-developed by CI Games and Deck 13. The announcement by Namco Bandai has come out after they formed an exclusive publishing contract with the developer of both the games.

Being developed for the next generation consoles and PC, Lords of the Fallen has been slightly criticized for being just another RPG.

It brings forth the same game mechanics and storyline that we have already been very prone to. Nevertheless, the developer has been pushing out promises of a polished next generation experience.

On the other hand, Enemy Front takes you back to the time of German Nazis; you take charge of their enemy platoons and try to fight them back. It has been regarded as a combat sandbox by the developer owing to freedom of choices in how you fight back.

“What we’re trying to do is give the player the tools to match stealth with shooter, combining run and gun gameplay and dirty tricks-type stuff,” the developer had said when the game was announced.

Both of the games are expected to come out in 2014 though Enemy Front might make it to the market earlier, in the first half of the year.