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Get Saints Row 4 and Company of Heroes 2 Free on Steam

Company of Heroes 2 and Saints Row 4 have been played by a whole lot of people all over the world, but that doesn’t mean there are some who haven’t tried out either of the games yet. Here’s your chance; Steam is offering both the games for free until Sunday, January 19.

If you haven’t been sure whether you want to spend your dimes on one of these, you will be allowed to test them out for your heart’s content. The offer ends at 1PM Pacific Time.

For those of you who do not know, Saints Row 4 is Deep Silvers crazy comedic action adventure that deals with hunting down aliens who have taken over the country and rag tag Saints take over the human resistance against the invaders. The game is originally priced at $39.99.

Apart from being offered for free for the Sunday, the game is currently discounted 50% – just in case you wish to buy it. This offer elapses on Sunday too.

The other game, Company of Heroes 2 is a real time strategy based around the Eastern Front of the World War 2.

You gather resources, occupy buildings and combat the enemies of the Soviet Red Army.

Developed by Relic Entertainment, Company of Heroes 2 is originally priced at $39.99 but is also available for purchase at 66% discount. This offer also ends on Sunday.

So what’s it going to be, strategic tank based battles or super powered alien conquering Saints?