Disney Abandons Star Wars 1313 Trademark

Star Wars have huge fan following. Fans are always on the hunt for the new information about anything, which is related to the franchise, whether the information is regarding games, movies, books, or even action figures or other toys.

When the trademark for Star Wars 1313 was filed by LucasArts is 2012, the story spread like wildfire. As more information was given regarding the title people got more excited but all that excitement and hopes came to an end, when LucasArts were closed last year.

Sadness continues as now Disney has chosen not to renew the trademark for Star Wars 1313. The United States Patent and Trademark Office lists Star Wars 1313 as:

Abandoned because no Statement of Use or Extension Request timely filed after Notice of Allowance was issued.

It is disappointing news for the long term franchise fans. The fact that EA and Disney did not consider renewing the trademark is proof that the game is not on their radar.