War Thunder Adds Tanks And Map – Explains Why There Won’t Be 32 by 32 Battles

Free-to-play PC game War Thunder has rolled out an update that adds several new units to the roster and offers gamers a new map as well. A total of 8 new vehicles have been released, divided into two factions.

We’ll put the new units in a list below:


  • KV-2 1939
  • IS-1
  • T-34 1942
  • T-34-85 (D-5T)
  • SU-85


  • PzKpfw III Ausf.M
  • PzKpfw IV Ausf.H
  • Jagdpanzer IV (L48)
  • PzKpfw VI Ausf.H1

War savvy people will notice that all of these names belong to tanks. Aside from its focus on planes, War Thunder also has ground units.

In fact, the massively multiplayer online (MMO) game only has attention for its wingless players this time, as the new Kuban map is also directed towards ground forces.

With this update, a list of explanations has also been given on the game’s forums. Here, future plans and current ideology for War Thunder are laid out.

For instance, vehicles will later be able to show damage from incoming shells. Also, it mentions that the third and final Closed Beta wave will happen in February.

Additionally, the views for tank battle development are laid out. After testing bigger maps, it was decided that War Thunder would be more useful if kept less than sixteen square kilometers.

If you were hoping to get into huge 32 by 32 battles, those hopes are crushed in the release. It mentions the decisions as follows:

[Battles] will remain 16×16 for now. Technically 32×32 is not a problem and even makes it easier for the server, but player personal impact in the battle will be lessened currently if the teams are too big. If the matchmaker correctly balances the teams, team size increase may be a possibility for random battles.

Despite only being in Beta, War Thunder already boasts 5 million users.