Ultima Sports’ Facebook Post Reignites Forza Horizon 2 Rumors

It had been a while since Forza Horizon 2 was rumored about. Apparently, that wasn’t the last time we were to discuss it. A post was made by Ultima Sports over their Facebook page saying that they had extended their relationship with Microsoft for a new racing title while talking about previous Forza titles.

The post was later removed and we can only assume two reasons for that; either it was a leak that they didn’t want to get public yet or the Forza Horizon 2 rumors are not true and they didn’t want to give fuel to the fire.

Luckily, before they took the post off, Worlds Factory took a screenshot and put it up for nosy folks like us. Check it out below.

Previously, a vehicle technical artist at Playground Games has said that he was working on an undisclosed next gen Forza project. This was last summer and Forza 5 had already been announced by then.

Playground Games had also posted a job opening around the same time for a senior environment artist who was to work on “the next edition of their successful racing title.”

As expected, no word has been received from Microsoft in this regard but we will be keeping our fingers crossed for this to be about Forza Horizon 2.

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