Total War Rome 2 Modding Tools’ Beta Version is Available on Steam Now

Well, what are you waiting for; the assembly kit and modding tools of Total War Rome 2 are out now. Go get yours! Creative Assembly has just released the beta version of the tools to Steam for the subscribers.

Apart from getting the tools from there, you can also whack out complete mods from the game launcher onto Steam Workshop. Which means you will see minor and major tweaks every now and then. In fact according to Creative Assembly at least 1000 mods are already available for users.

“The Assembly Kit contains a series of tools to help modders edit ROME II’s database and variants, and process data such as textures, models, animations and campaign-game start positions. A suite of exporters also enables users to then edit unit models and animations using third party software.”

For the starters, the assembly kit comes with a bunch of examples filled with data for animations, soldiers, ships and the complete Total War Rome 2 database back-end. If you are new to modding, I would suggest you visit the game’s wiki for instructions on how to go about using the tools.

More tools are expected to be added to the assembly kit in the future by developers. Total War Rome 2 was released in September last year for PC.