SpellForce 2 Demons of the Past Standalone Expansion Launches With Trailer

Today, publisher Nordic Games has launched its final addition to their current Spellforce realm with the release of SpellForce 2 – Demons of the Past. This PC game is out as a standalone expansion, so it doesn’t require owning any previous release.

Demons of the Past is not too shabby as a final installment, presumably offering over 25 hours of gameplay. There are 5 new worlds, from a total of 8, handed out in this expansion as well. That’s a pretty big cherry on top.

There’s a release trailer for the standalone strategy title that handles some of the story in a moving painting with some narration attached.  It has many questions, but also some epic sceneries, so you may get excited about that.

You can expect a more refined playthrough in this final chapter. Gennaro Giani of Nordic Games mentioned:

We responded to the feedback we received when we released SpellForce 2: Faith in Destiny, so that the issues that players experienced in that game are not reflected in Demons of the Past.

Publisher Nordic Games acquired the Spellforce franchise, after the demise of JoWood, which also housed Painkiller and other series. Nordic have since been a big part of the THQ takeover, buying names like Darksiders and Titan Quest.

In a lesser move, SpellForce 2 – Demons of the Past costs $19.99 for North America, but €19.99 in Europe. It’s available in digital format and in a boxed version.