Klei Entertainment’s Incognita is Now Invisible Inc. Check Gameplay Trailer!

What is the significance of the name of the game? Whatever the answer to that question is, Developers at Klei Entertainment says; it’s the content of the game that really matters.

Today the indie studio announced that their next title “Incognita” will now be referred to as “Invisible, Inc.” Despite changing the name, the team says that the core systems, gameplay, and stylish looks will remain intact.

It’s hard to argue that the studio behind games like Shank, Mark of the Ninja, Don’t Starve, and Eets don’t know what’s best when it comes to memorable names.

The gameplay trailer of this tactical espionage was also released today; the exact mission of the group is still a mystery, but the gameplay trailer shows off the tactical, turn-based planning and strategy that will be needed.

Even if the trailer still uses the same cinematic we’ve seen so far.

So far, the game has only been confirmed for the PC, as purchase of the game for $17 (or $20 with the soundtrack included) earns buyers a Steam Code granting access to the ongoing Alpha (and the Beta, and future build that lie ahead).

For more information you can check the game’s official website.