Killer Instinct Spinal Looks Freaky Awesome in New Screenshots

Unfortunately, there is no video demonstrating the next character Killer Instinct roster, but you can settle for these screenshots of Spinal in all its glory.

We do have a couple of new screenshots to share that show-off Spinal in action.

PlayXBLA has posted three new images of the skeletal warrior, from original game in the series from 1994.

Spinal is bound to re-enter the fighting tournaments of Killer Instinct sometime later this month.

It would have been better if the developer had shared a video so that we could get a better look at his move set and abilities.

The screenshots do show him in his full might, not to forget that formidable shield that many would think twice before going up against.

Spinal was originally teased in a trailer that unveiled Orchid as a playable character. We saw a glimpse of him with his grotesque laugh in the background sometime ago in October.

The release of Spinal this month will be followed by the robo-killer Fulgore in March.