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GTA V PC Version Hinted Again by Latest AMD Catalyst Drivers

Is official announcement of Grand Theft Auto V for PC incoming? It sure looks like it.

In late 2013, a story regarding appearance of GTA V profile in AMD’s beta driver files was spotted, however as the word spread, AMD quickly removed it and gave the statement that it was an error which has been rectified.

Here comes the surprise – AMD’s 13.30 beta drivers also features profile of Grand Theft Auto V. This news was discovered by ELCID777. It should be noted that GTA V was not featured on any other AMD drivers released since October 2013.

It seemed a little odd when entry on previous drivers were added and then was removed. It’s even odder to add it back later if there was no requirement for it. While people are pretty sure that one day GTA V will be released on PC. There is, however, no official word from Rockstar regarding PC port of hugely successful game.

As of today, over 609,239 petitions have been signed which ask Rockstar for the PC version of GTA V. The game was released on September 17 last year; check out our review of the game if you haven’t played it already.