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First Livestream of EverQuest Next: Landmark Explains Working of Claims

Were you at the first livestream of 2014 for EverQuest Next: Landmark? If not, it was aired yesterday by Sony Online Entertainment. Apart from highlighting the new gameplay, the stream detailed how Claims will function.

Headed by Senior Brand Manager Omeed Dariani, Community Manager Collette “Drexella” Murphy, Senior Producer Terry Michaels, and Lead Designer Darrin McPherson; the livestream showcased matters like claim sizes, the alpha limit on claims, claim upkeep and maintenance among others.

First off, it will not be possible to prevent people from entering your claim though you will be allowed to hide it or make it visible to them. Once you give people the permission to create usable things in your claim you can either give them the permission to use the item or not use it.

As far as the size of a claim is concerned it will be 70x70x100 meters. While in the alpha state, a cap on the number of claims allowed will be put in place. This hard limit could get relaxed later on though, depending on the escalating maintenance costs. Also, abandoned claims will be treated with maintenance to ensure nothing is left abandoned.

Furthermore, claims will be wiped at the end of closed beta, though claims will not be wiped at the end of open beta. These are just a few of the highlights from a long list of features that have been detailed by the SOE livestream on EverQuest Next Landmark.

You may visit EQHammer to view the detailed features of Claims.