Evolve Support Class Hunter, Hank Looks Like a Game Changer

Say hello to Hank, a member of the Support class of Evolve; one of the four playable classes from the upcoming FPS by Turtle Rock. Evolve is a co-op based video game that focuses on a fight between the hunters and a monster named Goliath, all of whom are controlled by players.

Game Informer has been detailing different characters from the game, one being discussed here is Hank.

Just as the name suggests, he will make sure that everyone else in his team stays alright.

He is not a medic; rather his approach is to magnify the destruction caused by his teammates along with increasing the chances of their survival.

He uses a shield gun to do the latter, a temporary form of invincibility. This means the medic can heal others without worrying about his safety, and the assault member can go right in the line of fire and cause havoc.

Of course that is not all he does, he also has a laser cutter that can carve into the monster. Though it is pretty destructive, it also gives away your location to the enemy.

If you don’t feel like using that, try his orbital barrage; an air strike that can wreck anything within its radius.

Last but not the least he bears a cloaking device that renders him and nearby teammates invisible for a period of time – get high on stealth.

Now being just a support might sound like a little less fun but Hank is a part of the team that the others might not do without.

The images shared below really got me excited – especially the queen of hearts on his arm.