Dragon Age Inquisition Concept Art Shows Variety of Environments

BioWare is almost regularly releasing new concept art for their upcoming RPG, Dragon Age Inquisition. Now they have released a new set of concept art, which offers a glimpse at the mountains, swamps, forests and temples, which shows the varied lands in their new game.

The images look very impressive. The sheer variety of landscapes, structures and ambiances is huge.

BioWare acknowledged their mistakes with Dragon Age 2, and this time they are not in any rush. They are doing things slowly and aiming to bring new life to their series by providing vast open world for exploration.

With the artwork, we have seen so far the game does look incredibly stunning.

Dragon Age Inquisition is set to release in the fall of 2014, and the game is being developed for current-gen and the next-gen consoles, which are PS3, PS4, X360, Xbone and PC.