DayZ Standalone Medical Guide – How To Heal Wounds and Injuries

You can get injured in DayZ standalone version and if not treated well, the wound may become infected. The injury can be seen in the Inventory Section of the game.

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Depending upon the condition of the injury, it can be treated in several ways:

The sterilized or non-sterilized water is applied on the injury to clean it. However, note that non-sterilized water can further harm the situation.

These get the job done if the injury is minor like small cuts.

In case the cuts are big enough for a bandage, you need to go for suturing. The process requires sterilized needles, a suturing kit, and alcoholic disinfectants.

For viral and bacterial infections, the antibiotics can be used.

But the question is when to use which medication? This is pretty simple! Just hover your cursor to the wound, and you’ll be provided with a brief description about the severity of the injury. These descriptions will give you a good idea the injury and which medication to use.

Sometimes, the injury requires further attention. For example, changing bandages after some time or cleaning the debris or pus prior to changing the bandage.

The same strategy can be applied to heal broken bones and similar ailments; with duct tape or splints. It’s a good idea to manage your surgeries with anesthesia or painkillers like morphine.

Just like healing your own wounds, you can approach other injured players and initiate an emergency treatment.

Depending upon the severity of the wound, your approach can vary. For instance, you can come across players with no pulse, less breathing rate, uncontrolled bleeding, and blood pressure.

Based on different situation, I’d suggest the following DayZ Standalone Medical treatments:

  • Adrenaline: This increases the rate of blood flow.
  • Antibiotics: This is helpful to treat sepsis.
  • Artificial Airway: Creates a passage for airway and facilitates breathing.
  • Bag Mask: In case the patient is not breathing.
  • Compression: To lower the bleeding by applying pressure.
  • CPR: This should be used if you’re unable to find a pulse.
  • Debride: Cleansing of wounds.
  • Defibrillator: To treat cardiac arrest.
  • Disinfect Skin: Cleansing of skin to reduce the chances of infections.
  • Insert IV: To inject drugs.
  • Irrigate: I’ve mentioned this above. I wouldn’t recommend using non-sterilized water.
  • Morphine: A painkiller which should be used prior to surgery.
  • Removal of clothing: Pretty obvious! This needs to be done before carrying out the surgery.
  • Suture: Healing of wounds by stitching.

These operations can be carried out with another player acting as an assistant. But you’ll require a few things supplied to the second player.

For example, artificial airway set, bag-mask, scalpel, scissors, suture kit, and thermometer. Other than this, stretcher and dragging bodies to a safe location can also be used.

If you need any further help, comment below and I’ll get back to you.