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DayZ Standalone Blood, Health, and Healing Statuses

Ever wondered why your screen starts to get blurry after a fight or activities?

Well, it’s not about tweaking your graphical settings or disabling the ‘Post-processing’ option to get rid of all the blurriness.

This blurriness is the game’s only indicator telling you that you’re running low on Health and need to regenerate it.

In this guide, I’ll be telling you all about how your Blood system and Health works and what does Healthy and Healing statuses in your Inventory Screen mean?

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DayZ Standalone Blood, Health, and Healing Statuses


Unlike the mod, DayZ Standalone has 5,000 Blood. No one pays much heed to the level of Blood until they start to lose it.

You can lose Blood by getting shot, fist fight, getting bitten, starvation, and through various diseases. You’ll notice a change in the color of your Blood as you start to lose it. The faded red color indicates less Blood loss.

An important thing to note here is that even if you lose all your Blood, you won’t die; at least at that very instant. However, losing your Blood below 500 will make you unconscious, and you won’t be able to get up without medical assistance.

Shock is another phenomenon, which is closely associated with Blood level. If your Shock level exceeds your Blood level at any point; you’ll lose conscious.

It’s also important to mention that it takes three punches on the bare head to raise your Shock value above your maximum blood level.

However, recovery from a Shock is pretty fast, and you’ll gain conscious in a minute or two.

As for recovering Blood, you can check my other guide; DayZ – Hunger, Thirst, Blood, and Regeneration to know more about it.

Blood Types
Blood types in DayZ standalone are crucially important, and you must match blood type of both donor and recipient to carry out a successful transfusion.

Failed to do so will result in recipient’s death at once.

To make it short, all you need to know that there are eight blood types; A+, A-, B+, B-, O+, O-, AB+, and AB-.

People with blood type O- are considered to be as universal donors and give blood to anyone. Whereas, AB+ are considered as universal recipients. Other than these, you need to match the blood types for a successful transfusion.

You’ll need a Blood Test Kit to know the blood type of donor and recipient. These can be found in hospitals and military units. As for collecting the Blood, you’ll need an empty blood bag and aim at the recipient to receive the Blood.


Unlike Blood, it’s fairly easy to understand Health. Precisely, if you lose all your Health, you’re dead!

Like Blood, you lose Health by getting shot, bit, punched, starvation, sickness, etc. However, losing Health and Blood are not proportional. Losing your Blood by a cut/injury doesn’t deplete your Health and is only associated with Blood level.

When you start losing your Health, your vision starts to get blurry.

A common misconception regarding this blurriness can be understood in terms of disabling Postprocessing in your graphics settings. This takes away all the blurriness effects from your screen; indirectly, your only indication of your Health.

Healthy and Healing Statuses
Another thing you need to note that your Health can only be regenerated naturally. A rough guess indicates that it takes five shots at close range to completely deplete your Health.

Please refer to my other guide; DayZ – Thirst, Hunger, and Blood to know more about regenerating Health.

For a recap, you need to be fed and hydrated for at least 20 minutes to naturally regenerate your Health. You’ll receive Healing/Healthy status in your Inventory Screen if you successfully do this.

Once again, you need to understand that your Healthy status doesn’t take your Blood level into consideration. However, you need to have full Blood level to start regenerating your Health.

Furthermore, your Water level is very important. Despite of being full on Health, you can still die of dehydration. So you need to drink at frequent intervals to avoid dehydration.

Disclaimer: Please note that the game is still in alpha and is subject to change over the time!