Origin Racked Up 61 Billion Minutes of Playtime in 2013

EA has released an infographic detailing achievements earned in 2013 for its Origin platform.

According to the announcement a total of 1.3 billion game sessions were logged, adding up to 61 billion minutes of playtime. As far as game achievements are concerned, players unlocked 158,952,020 achievements last year and logged 299,446,345 chat sessions in total. EA also revealed that players logged into Origin 726,858,789 times during 2013.

By summer of 2013 Origin had amassed more than 50 million registered members, including 22 million on mobile platforms. EA though did not reveal the final figure by the end of the year.

In comparison Valve announced this week that Steam added 10 million members in just the past three months bringing their total player-base to over 75 million users.

Steam though has a head start on Origin by eight years. From that perspective EA’s online platform is doing really good.

However, considering the recent online issues that have plagued their titles and services, one has to wonder whether this will only get worse as the Origin platform gets more populated.

Source: GameSpot